About Us

Juris Logium is a law firm with international expertise and a global approach. The firm was founded in Lahore in 2006 by Mr.  Mahmood Ur Rahman Chaudhry and now Juris Logium is the leading law firm providing online legal services in Pakistan and throughout the world ensuring the delivery of immediate expert legal advice, legal assistance and representation.

The firm provides legal services to Pakistani and foreign clients. Among our clients are the individuals from around the world who have been provided the best online law services relating to their different legal issues including Internet and Cyber Law and Intellectual Property Law Issues. We have provided assistance to them from advise and opinion to the resolution  of their legal problem.

We believe in professionalism, pragmatism, innovation and international approach. We operate with transparency and provide high quality and cost efficient legal services.

We believe in staying simple and current in our professional work.

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