Asset Purchase Contracts

 APA- Asset Purchase Agreement

An asset purchase agreement documents the terms of the sale of business assets from a seller to a buyer. Such an agreement may cover the purchase and sale of a business division, intellectual property, land or buildings. Besides a description of the assets and the purchase price, the agreement may also include relevant representations, warranties and covenants.

An asset purchase agreement (APA) is an agreement between a buyer and a seller that finalizes terms and conditions related to the purchase and sale of a company’s assets.

Defining and controlling behavior is a major objective of the APA. The buyer must represent its authority to purchase the asset. The seller must represent its authority to sell the asset. Additionally, the seller represent that the purchase price of the asset is equal to its value, and that the seller is not in financial or legal trouble.

Our APA services include the drafting of:

  • Asset Purchase Agreement
  • Business Purchase Agreement
  • Stock Purchase Agreement
  • Joint Bid Agreement
  • Letter of Intent
  • Deal Contract
  • Deal Letter

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