Legal Advice

Realities of Litigation are not very pleasant.  Litigation of any kind is complex, expensive and risky for both sides of a dispute. This translates into big billings for traditional law firms with a large number of attorneys specializing in litigation. The attractiveness of this kind of representation may also cause big law firms to decline written advice work that could cause a conflict in representing the client in litigation.

We offer Legal advice services that would help you make informed decisions. Our Emphasis is Litigation Avoidance. Our goal is to help our clients explore all reasonable alternatives to offensive or defensive litigation. We have experienced litigators who use their experience to help clients properly evaluate the realities of litigation as one of many options in pursuing business objectives. If litigation is necessary, we use this experience to help our clients fashion an initial litigation strategy from the context of their business strategy and then assist our clients in arriving at a suitable decision.
Our legal advice is based on the following principles:

  1. To protect your legal interests.
  2. To save you from any embarrassing situation.
  3. To find resolution of the issue if possible.
  4. If litigation is must and mandatory then finding some suitable solution to handle the litigation hassles.

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